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Fox TV Channel is showcasing the most successful series and full-length films of 20th Century Fox this month in all American cinemas with wide promotional campaign of their upcoming projects.

What is Fox TV?
You all probably know the famous intro of 20th Century Fox that we all have seen (of course if you have visited cinema at least once). This company is a part of Fox International Company, a global media corporation that delivers high-quality content pleasing your eyes and ears. One of its other subsidiaries is Fox TV Channel. So here's the main point:

20th Century Fox brings to your screen full-length films and cartoons that we all love.

Fox Television is offering us unique content, broadcasting amazing series and shows of the channel's own production.

Anniversary Showcase
This year, the Fox International Company celebrates the great anniversary of 70 years since their film production activity has started. Managers and executive officers of the company have decided to give all American residents and guests a chance to enjoy the films, cartoons and the best moments of series and shows that they love so much. To make it possible, almost all big cinemas take part in Fox 70th Anniversary Showcase - an event that promotes the art of making memorable movies and series, and also raises money for charity worldwide. Everyone is invited to watch the greatest movies and series of all times throughout the USA!

Taking Part in the Event
Though this event is free for participation, it still requires registration. All you need is to proceed to Fox's official website and enter next data:

  1. your name and surname;
  2. your age;
  3. your place of residence (country and region, state or province);
  4. number of people that will accompany you at the event.

After that you will be given an electronic ticket to the nearest Fox 70th Anniversary Showcase alongside with a program of the event. And that's all you need to do! Just print your ticket, invite your friends, and enjoy the greatest hits of Fox International Company!

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  • Guest (Keith Hernandez)

    Wow, it's great news! I am a big fan of everything Fox TV produces, especially of their successful show "Bones" that has already experienced more than 10 years of broadcast. I will certainly invite my friends to this highly anticipated event!

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  • Guest (Fred Martin)

    I heard enough rumors about this event from executive directors and employees of other American TV channels but still couldn't believe it can be done in such scale. However, I am satisfied that Fox's board of directors decided to make this venture real, and I hope it will be successful.

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